Gardens have existed since Babylonian times, but the beer garden is perhaps a more recent invention. We don’t know who we have to thank for such a magnificent innovation, but we do know that when the sun is out, our own beer garden is pretty damn hard to beat.

So kick off your shoes, pour some more Pimms, and relax.  With uninterrupted sun throughout the day, it’s a wonderful place to while away the hours.

Children can run free amongst the apple trees, and parents can let them get on with it. We’re hoping to install the odd swing or two by next year, but as with everything we do, we want to do it with a twist. We might even get some chickens.

And then, at the end of the garden, there’s a small garden gate. It’s not just any gate, though, more like a portal to another world, for it gives access to one of the most extraordinary things about the pub … the beautiful and idyllic Ale Water.